Ina started dancing in 2003. After a one-year spell in rhythmic gymnastics, she continued her dancing journey in ballet “Avangard”, winning dozens of bronze, silver and gold medals from multiple national championships in ‘05-’09. In 2007 she won the Grand Prix at the International Dance Festival in Rimini, Italy, and went into the semi-finals at the World Championship in Germany a year later. In 2011 she becomes national champion once again, this time in the ‘characteristic dance’ division. After joining DA Clique in 2015, Ina becomes one of the group’s main dancers with almost immediate effect. She takes part in all of our theatre productions: “DA Cliqu3” (2015), “Our Way 3: The Spark” (2016), “Atlas” (2016), “DA Clique & friends vol. 02” (2017), “EQUILIBRIUM” (2017), “The Get Down” (2017), and “New Wave” (2018), while also winning dozens of trophies from competitions in Bulgaria and abroad, including Balkan and World champion (Belgrade 2017 & Moscow 2018, respectively). Ina has danced in one of the best urban dance schools worldwide - Flying Steps Academy on several occasions in ‘15-’17, and has worked with many top-tier Bulgarian artists.