Born in 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Started dancing in 2001.

2001-2011 – Danced for Ballroom Dancing Club “Nadezhda” in Pernik, Bulgaria. Won dozens of trophies from competitions in Bulgaria and abroad, the biggest one being National Champion of Bulgaria for Standard and Latin dance in category “under 13-years-old” (2006)

2011-2012 – Danced for “Pulse Crew” in Pernik, Bulgaria. Won major trophies, including: National Champion of Bulgaria (crews) in age category “above 16-years-old” (2011) and Vice-Balkan Champion (crews) in age category “above 16-years-old” (2011)

2012-present - Founded “DA Clique” Dance Group in Pernik, Bulgaria. Currently being the Owner and main choreographer of the crew. Won over 50 major trophies, including World Champion (crews) in age category “adults” (2018), Balkan Champion (crews) in age categories “under 8”, “under 11”, “under 15” & “adults” (2017) Vice-Balkan Champion (crews) in age category “above 16-years-old” (2012 and 2015), Vice-Balkan Champion (crews) in age category “under 13-years-old” (2015) and First Price for group performance on the Balkan Dance Festival (2013). Creative director and main choreographer of eleven sold out dance spectacles, seen by over ten thousand people: “OUR WAY’’ (2013), “OUR WAY 2: RELOADING” (2014), “DA Clique & Friends” (2014), “REMEMBER THE NAME” (2015), “DA CLIQU3” (2015), “OUR WAY 3: THE SPARK” (2016), “ATLAS” (together with Flying Steps Academy, 2016), “DA Clique & Friends vol. 02” (2017), “EQUILIBRIUM” (together with Flying Steps Academy, 2017), “THE GET DOWN” (2017) & “NEW WAVE” (2018)

2013-2014 – Danced for “VS DANCE” in Sofia, Bulgaria. Choreographed for “VS LIFE” dance spectacle (2013)

In Germany since October 2014.

2014 – Started dancing in the Flying Steps Academy in Berlin, Germany. Danced and participated in various events and videos of the Flying Steps, the biggest one being the “Champions League Final Fesitival” (2015). A dancer in the casted Kingsmen Project & Urban Art Intensive Project of the Flying Steps Academy.

2016-present: Working in Flying Steps Entertainment GmbH

Marketing intern; since November 2017 - International representative

Head of Social Media Presence Strategies, International partnerships


Choreographed for and worked with the following Bulgarian artists: Krisko, 100 Kila, Mihaela Fileva, Ice Cream, SkandaU, Billy Hlapeto, Divna, Venzy, Preyah, Grafa, Deo, Ellysha, Golemia, Ogi 23, Vesela Boneva & more…

Directed and choreographed over 40 dance videos, available in YouTube, reaching an overall of 900 000 views:

High-class dance education, including: SDK (Czech Republic, 2013) and Fair Play Dance Camp (Poland, 2014 and 2015). Learned from and danced with most of the finest dancers in the world, including: Les Twins, Lyle Beniga, Lando Wilkins, Brian Puspos, Kyle Hanagami, Robert Hoffmann, Adam Sevani, The Royal Family, Quick Crew, Tight Eyez, Laure Courtellemont, Keone & Mariel Madrid, Chris Martin, Suga Pop, Kite, Hiro and more.


Most recent work:

Dance videos: (choreographed the boys’ section)

Working with artists: (creative director, choreographer)