Denis has been dancing for over 15 years. He starts as a b-boy with NRG Wild Crew at the times when the group was still active. After dancing with friends for several months and spending some time at Extreme Show, he establishes Pulse Crew together with Mishel Antonov. In 2014 Denis joins DA Clique, where he is the active head coach of the b-boys & b-girls, while also teaching in Dance Academy, Sofia until the end of 2017. As a DA Clique dancer, he takes part in hundreds of our dance projects, including the spectacles “DA Clique & friends” (2014), “Our Way 3: The Spark” (2016), “Atlas” (2016), “DA Clique & friends vol. 02” (2017), “EQUILIBRIUM” (2017), “The Get Down” (2017), and “New Wave” (2018).