Кristian has been taking up dancing since he was 8 years old. His love for that kind of art was given birth to by sport dance, to be more precise, at club “Nadezhda”, Pernik, where he competed for about 8 years and took part in every concerts organized by them. Since 2012 he attended many dancing camps with the group and in 2014 he reached 32nd place in the Bulgarian latino dance rankings.

At the end of 2014 he withheld his sport dance career and started training at Veronique Dance School as a contemporary dancer in March 2015, where he continues to dance down to the present day.

In May, the same year he begins with his dancing experience in DA Clique as well. In December 2015 Christian attends DA Clique’s winter dance camp “Build DA Clique Experience” where he becomes a part of the main crew and since then helps by organizing events and takes part in every competition.

In 2016 he performs for the first time with DA Clique at “The Rhythm In My Heart” competition (Sofia) and wins 2nd place. In April he also takes part in “Our Way 3: The Sparkle”. Simultaneously, he enthralls the Sofia scene with Veronique and their spectacle “Soul Colors” in June, with a great part of the choreographies also being performed at the annual Balkan Youth Festival which took place in September. When the first spectacle with the collaboration of Flying Steps Academy (Berlin) was held in honour of DA Clique’s anniversary, Christian played an important role as a co-choreographer of one of the scenes.