Nikola has been a b-boy for 7 years now. His favourite style in breakdancing is powermove. He started his journey at Pulse Crew, where he laid his dancing foundation. After a short period at NRG Wild Crew, he joins DA Clique where he has been dancing for 4 years now. He has been a part of many of our projects, including: “DA Clique & friends” (2014), “DA Cliqu3” (2015), “Our Way 3: The Spark” (2016), “Atlas” (2016), “DA Clique & friends vol. 02” (2017), “EQUILIBRIUM” (2017), “The Get Down” (2017), and “New Wave” (2018). Besides his on-stage activity, Nikola has been a regular participant in dozens of breakdance battles across Bulgaria, and is currently studying contemporary choreography at the Southwest University “Neofit Rilski”.